All Grass fields in the San Carlos area are currently OPEN for training


Crusaders Soccer Club depends upon its member volunteers.  

Each year, hundreds of members step up to the responsibility of serving the athletic and social interests of our children and young soccer players.  This is what has allowed Crusaders to grow so substantially over the past five decades.

We invite you to contribute your time, energy, and ideas to the health of Crusaders.  As a club, we commit to providing you with the support you need to take on a volunteer role.  It’s fun, rewarding, and best of all it adds to the vitality of our children and our community.

If you are interested in a volunteer role, please contact Jay Wilson at  

Common Volunteer Roles

Recreational Head Coach – The club will provide you with examples of the soccer curriculum and will connect you with other coaches in the club. Coaches are offered the opportunity to obtain a basic coaching license, with costs offset by the club.

Assistant Coach – Assistant coaches are responsible for helping to run team practices and for attending and assisting in running games.  Assistant coaches are encouraged to attend occasional Crusaders coaches’ meetings.  Assistant coaches are also offered the opportunity to obtain a basic coaching license, with costs offset by the club.

Recreational Division Coordinator – Division coordinators organize the assignment of players to teams and teams to coaches and assist in the development of team schedules.  Division coordinators communicate with coaches in their division, ensuring that coaches receive information in a timely manner.

Competitive Team ManagerThe competitive team manager has many different responsibilities, including maintaining player cards, registering for tournaments, printing cards for game day, and assisting with team social and fundraising activities. Team managers may delegate specific responsibilities to other team parents.  Managers are expected to contribute to the smooth operation of team activities and to the maintenance of healthy, constructive dialogue among all team members.

Club Management — The club has a board of directors that guides the direction of the club and ensures its productive and healthy operation.  Members may participate in board committees or other supporting roles.  Opportunities also are available for board membership. Individuals potentially interested in board membership are strongly encouraged to contact a current board member to learn more about board responsibilities. Often new members will serve as volunteers and collaborators on board committees, serving in collaboration with existing board members, in preparation for board membership. 

Equipment Preparation & DistributionBag and distribute balls, uniforms, and other equipment, deliver goals and striping paint to fields, restock equipment bins during the season, collect equipment at end of the season, etc.

Field Marking and PreparationPreparation of fields, set up of field lines, lining, mowing and maintaining fields during the season.

Field InspectorScheduled at end of game days to thoroughly walk all playing fields, collect trash, ensure goals and equipment bins are locked securely and report any field condition problems to fields director.

Tournament HelpWork a booth or as field marshal at Tournaments hosted by Crusaders.