All Grass fields in the San Carlos area are currently OPEN for training

Dear Crusaders families,

We understand that this period of time presents many challenges for all of our families and our goal at Crusaders Soccer Club is to help our members in any way that we can until daily life returns to as normal as possible. Our team of directors and staff are working hard to ensure the continuation of training opportunities and resources that can be done from the comfort of your homes.

With this in mind, Crusaders created the following series of training videos below. This allows our players to keep actively engaged in their training with specialized challenges for each of the age groups to measure their ongoing progress until the season resumes and comes back to normal. Crusaders have also partnered with MOTI Sports for anyone to access their 3D animated training app through December for FREE. Scroll down to the MOTI Sports graphic to sign up for their app. We hope you enjoy our fun training videos including below plus the MOTI Sports app below and find all of them useful for your player’s development.


Under the direction of our Asst. Director of Coaching Victor Melendez and Goalkeeper coach Jesus Serrano, in an effort to provide development opportunities to our players we are excited to bring back our Friday Skills Clinics along with our Goalkeeper clinics via Zoom! These are clinics that balance skill development with fun. The players will learn new skills with a great balance of intensity and fun. So come and take advantage of this opportunity to experience soccer at a different level. We all know that life can be a very busy thing, so in case you missed any of our clinics no problem! Check out our previous clinics below and enjoy your session!




Zone 1 (Age Groups: 2013 – 2009)

For our beginners or younger age groups, this video focuses on basic juggling and dribbling exercises that allow the player to be more comfortable with the ball.

Zone 2 (Age Groups: 2008 – 2007)

For our in-development or intermediate players, this video focuses on more challenging techniques in their juggling exercises along with the implementation of speed and intensity in each activity. This video has a more technical approach to adding a pass and finish.

Zone 3 (Age Groups: 2006 – 2002)

For our older and more experienced players, this video focused on intensity and proper technique of each activity. We expect them to have proper ball control, speed in their dribbling and accuracy in their finishing.

Goalkeeper Self-Training Video

This video focuses on activities specialized for our goalkeepers. With a wide range of technical and repetitive exercises that will help with their development and the ability to do it from their own back yards.



Coach Ivan Melendez, our Recreational Technical Advisor has posted information on how to sign up for FREE 3D individual player training exercise videos available to you through Minnesota Youth Soccer Association in partnership with MOTI Sports. This allows players to view the videos from any angle using just their fingertips while providing quality touches on the ball. See how many repetitions you can do in a set time while you are home or in the backyard!

Download the FREE Moti Sports App using the Apple APP Store or Google Play. No credit card information is required. Then register for the APP.  You can rotate the videos with your finger a full 360 degrees and from above and below.

Foundation Foot Skills Trainings
3D trainings allow players to view the video from any angle using just their fingertips. Get some quality touches on the ball, time yourselves, and see how many repetitions you can do in a set time while you are home or in the backyard!

Download MOTI Sports
1. Download in the Apple APP Store or Google Play to download the free app (or search for Moti Sports in the app store)
2. Touch “I am new to MOTI Mobile”
3. Enter your email address
4. Use promotional code CrusadersSC2020
5. Scroll down and use the 3D Foot skills to refine your player techniques