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In order to ensure that the principles of sportsmanship, fair play, and mutual respect among players, coaches, officials, and spectators characterize all competition sponsored by Cal South, the following Code of Conduct has been established. It is the obligation of all program administrators, coaches, parents, and players to create an environment that promotes this objective. Those who willfully violate this code jeopardize their participation in the Cal South soccer program.


The coach’s role is one of teaching soccer skills and sportsmanship to the players. The coach is responsible for communicating practice and game times to the players and parents. The coach is also responsible for monitoring the behavior of the players and parents during practice and games. All coaches within the soccer program will promote good sportsmanship among players, foster team camaraderie, and help participants have fun while teaching players the technical skills of soccer. Unsportsmanlike conduct of coaches will not be tolerated by the program. Such unsportsmanlike conduct includes berating or making unkind comments to a player or referee that would reasonably be expected to cause substantial embarrassment to the player or referee. Other examples include the intentional abuse or attempt to abuse the player selection system or willful failure to follow program rules. Each coach agrees to the code of conduct, certifies that he/she has read all Cal South Rules and will abide by them and acknowledges that coaching in the soccer program is a privilege and not a right. In addition, each Coach will ensure that his/her conduct sets a good example for team members and spectators. To meet these responsibilities, the Coach is expected to: • Know the official Laws of the Game of soccer and the rules of Cal South and abide by them.


Every player is expected to:

Parents and Spectators

The role of parents and spectators is one of support to the players and coaches. Parents and spectators should not engage in “coaching” from the sidelines, criticizing players, coaches or game officials or trying to influence the makeup of the team at any time. Every parent and spectator is expected to:

Ejection Rule

Sideline Behavior and Ejection Rule Sideline Behavior and Guidelines for Spectator Positioning Presidio & SDDA have strict rules regarding the behavior of sidelines before, during and after the game.

We expect at youth games behavior that is becoming of parents that are used as a model example of good behavior. We have already suspended the entire sidelines for a number of games for what we all know is not good and proper behavior. We feel this has got to STOP! If it doesn’t, games will be played without any spectators – just think the kids might like that. Put yourself in their place, having to listen to and see firsthand bad behavior over a game. Presidio / SDDA Guidelines for spectators positioning – where you sit. To help ensure that a coach, who is responsible for his sidelines, can control the sidelines, Presidio makes the following 10 guidelines available to leagues:

  1. Sit on the same side with your team
  2. Keep area clear 5 yards each side of the centerline.
  3. Sit at least 3 yards back where possible or as far back to make it safe for players and sideline referees.
  4. Cheer, not Sneer. Set an example. It’s only a game. It’s not Life or Death!
  5. Applaud the efforts of both teams.
  6. Don’t say anything negative to the other team’s players, parents, coaches or referees.
  7. Act like an adult, who is the adult here? Keep control, keep cool and enjoy the game!
  8. The best position to sit, is on the left side of your team, away from the Assistant Referee.
  9. Remember your kids will grow up soon and you need to enjoy and share this valuable time.
  10. Practice the Golden Rule – Think, “how would you feel if someone said or did something you didn’t like.”

Parent/Sideline Ejection Rule 2019 Starting this fall 2019 Season Presidio Soccer League has instituted a Parent/Sideline Ejection Rule, the rule is as written; If a parent is ejected from a game, he or she must leave the field area immediately (be out of sight and sound) and will automatically be suspended for a minimum of 2 additional games. In addition, the entire sideline will also be suspended for the team’s next game, due to the parent being ejected from the game. The only individuals that are allowed on the sideline other than the team’s players will be the coach and team manager unless the team manager was the offending party. If the manager was the offending party the club will appoint another pre-determined administrator or parent to act as the team manager for the game, prior to the next game.