All Grass fields in the San Carlos area are currently OPEN for training


In line with our club’s philosophy of creating the best possible environment for our players, the selection and development of our coaching staff are of the utmost importance. We at Crusaders strive to provide our players with the best possible coaches to help them realize their potential not just as soccer players but as well as members of society.

Today we feature one of the best representatives of this philosophy, coach Jesus De Santiago. Read on and get to know what makes Coach De Santiago such an important member of our coaching staff.

COACHING ASSIGNMENT(S): G2011 Premier & G2013 Premier


ADDITIONAL CERTIFICATIONS: NFHS High School Coaching Certification | First Aid Certified


WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE SOCCER PLAYER AND WHY?  Rafael Marquez from Mexico because of the leadership qualities he has and the legendary career he had from playing with Monaco & FC Barcelona to playing with the Mexican national team. His precision passing and the ability he has to be able to play a perfect 40-50 yard ball.

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN AT CRUSADERS SC? I have been coaching at Crusaders SC going on my fifth season.


BRIEF DESCRIPTION ABOUT YOURSELF:  I am a graphic artist for a sports company in San Diego. I am a son, brother, uncle and soccer enthusiast who wants to help youth players develop their game. I love the game and want to strive to become a better coach every season.