All Grass fields in the San Carlos area are currently OPEN for training


Dear CSC Families.

Once more we are reaching out to you to keep you informed of the club’s situation as we move through this pandemic as well as tackling what seems to be the question of the season, in this issue.

Let us begin by expressing our gratitude for your patronage and support during these uncertain times. As stated before, your club stands firm on the premise that the overarching concern continues to be your family’s safety and the wellbeing of your children. As far as moving forward in the COVID 19 protocol, the only change so far coming from Gov. Newsom is the change in stage designation from phases to colors. They are now as follows:

We recommend that you stay informed daily to see Gov. Newsom’s daily messages and changes as they present themselves. As far as returning to play, the situation remains the same, with Presidio expecting to begin play, October 17, 2020 pending authorization from the Governor. We are anticipating a condensed season with about 7-10 games. It is our position that a shortened season is much better than what we have now and it will be a welcomed change. We will keep you posted on changes as they take place.

On the field, our staff continues to develop the technical side of the players. During the last couple of weeks, the focus has been combination play been working specifically on the “wall-pass” and the “overlap” and the “double-pass”. Our task has been to break down the elements of the combination-play, using very specific and uniform activities, to develop this very important ability in our players. For more information on this, feel free to ask your coach.


Our Friday clinics continue to be a source of success and attendance continues to grow. Over the last few weeks, high temperatures coupled with poor air quality, have forced us to cancel a couple of them. The health and safety of our players are one of Crusaders non-negotiables. If we are to make a mistake, when it comes to the wellbeing of our children, rest assured that we will err on the side of caution. Considering that at this point there are no competitions to be played, the decision was not a difficult one. We are sure that you as parents agree with this decision.

Please rest assured that we as a staff, want to be on the field with the players and if it is safe for them and the staff, we will continue with as few interruptions as possible and we thank you for your understanding.


Next, we would like to discuss a question that has come up in the presence of the situation we face. The question is: Why should I keep my child at the club if there are no games?

This is a very valid question, considering everything that is going on. At face value, priority for playing sports should be quite low. However, a deeper reflection on this matter along with some research, shows that the answer is not cut and dry as it seems. Aside from the obvious physical advantages of children’s participation in sports, the National Alliance for Youth Sports points out the social, psychological and emotional advantages of participating in physical activity. They promote the following points:

Sports As a Self-Esteem Booster

They point out that children learn to approach a challenge with confidence. Sports normalize challenges in life; making the player aware that they are a constant part of their future and nothing to be afraid of. Completing a task will have a positive impact on their self-esteem by developing knowledge and habits to conquer them. The N.A.Y.S. states that “When children achieve their goals on the field it teaches them they can achieve any other goal they set later in life”.

Playing Sports Helps Develop Teamwork and Leadership Skills

In a world where “screen -time” is rapidly replacing “face- time”, the opportunity to interact with other people in unstable situations, encourages children to learn coping skills. Later in life, these skills will be crucial, resulting in productive members of society. For starters, playing sports will help the individual develop communication and problem-solving skills. In line with this concept, Crusaders’ commitment to developing leaders on and off the field, continues to be a driving force for the “Why” and the “What” takes place on and off the field for the betterment of our children.

As soccer presents the individual opportunities to deal with adversity, be resilient and take chances; Our players must show the courage to “push the envelope” and dare to be the best version of themselves to conquer obstacles not just on the soccer field but in life as well. The game also allows the player to have the confidence to lead himself/ herself as well as others, towards the best version of themselves as well as making their community a better place.

Sports As a Natural Stress Reliever

Through sports, kids can loosen up and let go. As we all know hormones wreak havoc in the life of a youngster. It is a strange period in an individual’s life where they are finding their place as well as how to take in the world. On one hand, they want to be treated as adults and on the other hand, they still want to act like children be exempt from responsibility. Sports can help by providing a “center” during these “strange” times. The bonds developed with teammates and coaches provide them with a support system to realize that not only do they have a family to rely on but they also have other options in coaches as well as teammates to reach out to and make some sense of it all. Another significant advantage is the sport allows the youngster the ability to escape from the pressure the daily grind brings to their lives. If the ball continues to roll, the player’s mind is away from uncomfortable thoughts and thus provides an invaluable haven for stress.

Kids Develop Lifelong Healthy Lifestyle Habits

For years now, Crusaders adopted the world-renown Canadian Long Term Athlete Development Model (LTAD). This model begins with the principle of Falling in love with the ball and it culminates with its final principle of Active for life.

This is a model that concerns itself with a holistic approach to individual development. It begins with the affective side of the individual by tapping into feelings and Concluding with leaving the individual with knowledge and habits that will forever tie him/her to sports and physical activities. This journey provides the enjoyment of one or multiple sports as a player. When the playing days are over, affords him/her to continue to be physically active or turn to coaching, sharing their knowledge with younger generations. This is the aim of Crusaders, to have our players lead a life full of health, accomplishments, and contributions, to make an impact in our youth as coaches or administrators.

At Crusaders, no one embodies the LTAD, better than coach Seth Tunick. Seth has never worn any other colors than that of Crusaders. He started falling in love with the ball in our recreational program, progressing to learning how to train, training to compete, playing to win, and finally active for life by still playing this beautiful game. Most importantly, sharing his knowledge and experience as a coach. Coach Seth embodies the mission of Crusaders in Using soccer as a vehicle to teach citizenship to our players. We hope that the next time the question arises of: Why should I keep my child at the club if there are no games? The information provided here will provide consideration as to the benefits of continuing to practice soccer even in the absence of games.

Until the next installment and we reiterate of gratitude for your patronage and support to Crusaders Soccer Club.


OUR FINAL THOUGHTS – We want to thank you for the opportunity to work with your child. We take this responsibility very seriously and will continue to give our families the very best Crusaders has to offer.
Rene Miramontes
Crusaders SC Director of Coaching