All Grass fields in the San Carlos area are currently OPEN for training

Dear Crusaders Families,

It hardly seems possible but Summer is upon us and we are looking forward to exciting times full of soccer, over the next few months.

THANK YOU: As always, we cannot thank you enough for your continued support and patronage throughout these trying times. Please know that we don’t take such support for granted and we are always looking for ways to provide the best service possible to our families. Again, thank you.

PRESIDIO SPRING LEAGUE: As we approach the closure of the Presidio Spring league, we have seen the effect that being off for almost a year with no real games had on the performance of our teams. It took our players time to adjust to full competition. These games saw our players not being “match-fit” as well as struggling to apply a game plan and finally our competitiveness was “rusty” in many of our teams.

Nonetheless, the most important takeaway,  for the staff is that in spite of the negatives, the ability to once again play games overwhelmingly outweighed the negatives.

Based on the lessons learned, over  the next few weeks, you will see our coaches concentrate on the following training areas:


We hope we can count on your support as players’ attendance is crucial as our coaches work on specific team concepts in preparation for tournament competition in the Summer.


KICKIN’ IT CHALLENGE TOURNAMENT: We are very pleased to announce that we have entered into a partnership with the Kickin’ It Challenge Tournament. This is an organization that endeavors to raise awareness and funds in the fight against breast cancer. This organization has been in existence for over a decade and all proceeds go directly to the cause, so we are proud to be a part of this effort. This tournament will take place June 19 –  20, 2021 and all of our teams are expected to support this noble cause. To register please go to:


CRUSADERS SUMMER CAMPS: We are very much looking forward to our popular 2021 Competitive Summer Camps starting the last week in June. For complete camp more information, please go to:


FACE MASKS: We recognize that progress is taking place against this pandemic. Nonetheless, we are not out of the woods yet and we must remain vigilant of the safety and well-being of our families. This remains a non-negotiable at Crusaders.

We are so grateful to the majority of our families who have been absolutely fantastic in observing the protocols. However, there have been some individuals much to our disappointment, that choose not to comply with this measure. We don’t judge. With total due respect to everyone and in the hope of cooperation, we submit the following facts:



We sincerely hope that for the good of our youth, every adult will join the effort and cooperate with this rule while attending any of the club’s activities, clinics, practices, or games.

To those that have been so gracious in fully cooperating with all requirements, you have our absolute gratitude for making our job easier and allowing us to concentrate on bring the game to our children in the spirit of learning, fun, and above all safety.


Until the next installment, thank you and enjoy life!