All Grass fields in the San Carlos area are currently OPEN for training

Dear Crusaders Families,


It has finally happened: We are going back to playing games!!! After a year without games, the powers that be have allowed our kids to get back to the field. This weekend we will begin play in the Presidio Spring league. It is within the frame of this great news that we begin this edition.


THANK YOU: First on our list is our continued gratitude to all who help us maintain our children on the field: Our parents, coaching staff, team managers, board of directors and administrators. It has been an arduous task to be able to comply with all the health and safety requirements; However, we are very proud to say that throughout these trying times, Crusaders has not wavered from its commitment to keep the well-being of our families as the highest priority of the club.


OUR COACHING STAFF: We would like to take a moment to thank our coaching staff for the wonderful job they do with our children. In this time and age, finding those individuals that are still willing to take time away from their obligations and families to share their time and knowledge with our players is getting so much more difficult. We are indeed blessed to have the coaches that work with our children.

So often, when we think of our staff, we think of them in relation to the time they spend on the field. We would like to share with you that for every hour they work on the field, they spend easily three, planning, managing, and organizing their sessions so the children can have the best experience possible and enjoy the beautiful game. We would like to encourage you all to take a minute and thank the coach, for everything they do on and off the field. Such a gesture will go a long way in securing the best individuals for the development of our children.


SPRING LEAGUE: Finally, this weekend we return to competition!  We cannot wait for the weekend to see our players compete. Please know that this competition is organized as a replacement for the missed 2020 Fall season. This competition will conclude the 2020 season.

Within the joy that this event brings us all, we must put things in perspective by considering the following points:

  1. It has been over a year that most of our players faced an opponent. We have all heard that clandestine games have been taking place under different guises all around us; None the less, Crusaders has maintained a strict policy of not engaging in inter-club games ensuring the health and safety of our children as the undisputed top priority.
  2. Keep your emotions in check, as this return to play will be full of bumps and disappointments in the beginning. We must be patient and keep the above-mentioned fact in mind at that moment in the game when passion gets the better of us and we demand what cannot be delivered yet: A top Performance. Once again, we must exhibit restrain and allow time to get our teams back in the swing of competition. Help us by supporting your child and coach in accomplishing this goal.
  3. Spring league is ALL about getting our players match fit, both physically, tactically as well as emotionally. We assure you all that the teams want to please all and will do their best for us all. This is all for experiencing the demands of competition as well as preparation for State Cup in May.

Please join us in making this opportunity a positive experience for all.


REFEREES: Dealing with a shortage of referees has always been a severe difficulty surrounding the game. Never has this been as true as today. Of the usual number of referees available, the pandemic has left us with only about 20% availability as we write this message. We are in severe trouble in this area before we have even begun. It is for this reason that we must institute ZERO TOLERANCE in referee abuse. Keep in mind that if the players are rusty in returning to competition, so are the referees. Please be tolerant of missed or (in our opinion), wrong calls and above all BE RESPECTFUL of the individual looking to do their best. They will be under a lot of pressure as well as over-worked but this is what we have and we must make do.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation with this request.

COVID-19 PROTOCOLS: We will continue to observe the County Health Department protocols.

Here is a summary to be observed:

  1. Masks are mandatory for ALL adults on the field. Masks are optional for the players during activity but must be worn during downtime.
  2. Temperatures are mandatory and will be taken of all individuals entering the field.
  3. To ensure social distancing only immediate player family members are allowed at games.
  4. All spectators will observe at least 20 feet of distance from the field.
  5. Immediate family pods must maintain at least 6 feet from other family pods.
  6. There will be specific entrances and exits at all fields.


VOLUNTEERS: As we ensure the safety of all attending the games, we are in dire need of volunteers to help with temperature checks at the entrance of Pershing, Skunk Hollow (Allied Gardens), and Gage elementary. Even a couple of hours would be tremendously appreciated in making game safety a top priority.