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 -You will only be charged $55.00 at this time. Your spring and or coaching credits will be applied before the September 15th final payment is charged.

We will have a registration waiting list beginning Monday, September 13th. Your credit card will not be charged unless your child is placed on a team.


Photo By Jay Coulter

We are planning an 11- game 2020 Recreational Fall Season Program. The Presidio Soccer League, of which we are a member, has voted to postpone the start of games to Saturday, October 3, 2020, pending approval of Gov. Newsom and local governing authorities. Team training sessions will begin the week of September 21, 2020. This will allow for three weeks of training.

Photo by Jay Coulter

The fall registration fee for all players born in 2015 through 2006 will be $165.00. Players who were registered for our 2020 Spring Recreational Program will receive a credit towards their fall registration fee. The initial registration payment will be just $55.00. The final payment will be on September 15, 2020, minus any credits from the 2020 Spring Soccer season and coaching credits for the Fall 2020 season.

As an introduction to the Crusaders Soccer Family, the registration fee for our MICRO Division (Players born in 2016) will be just $75.00. We will be using the same type of uniforms as we did for our 2020 spring program which includes a home and away jersey, a pair of shorts, and a pair of socks. All players will be covered with insurance and will receive a practice t-shirt and photo packet. There are several parent COVID-19 compliance documents required by the County of San Diego Health Department and CalSouth Soccer. We will be sending that information in a separate email to all registered players.

We are completing an evaluation to determine the amount of the credit or refund. In the interim, the initial registration payment of $55.00 will reserve a spot for all players; those returning from our 2020 Recreational Spring Program and those who did not participate in our 2020 spring Recreational Program. All returning 2020 Recreational Spring Program players, who can play with their spring 2020 uniform will receive an additional $20.00 credit towards their fall registration fee.

Credit for the players returning from our 2020 Recreational Program will be applied to the balance as soon as the amount is determined. The remaining balance for the registration fee, minus any remaining credits will be charged on September 15, 2020. Head coaches will also receive a $50.00 credit. Please consider being a coach and help develop your player’s soccer skills, learn more about the benefits of teamwork and food sportsmanship!

Registration WILL remain open.

Please support us as we put this unprecedented situation behind us.


During the month of June, we have received approval from Sacramento, our County Board of Supervisors, the City of San Diego, and most recently from CalSouth Soccer which has lifted their suspension of activities and is now allowing outdoor soccer to resume training sessions when complying with the lengthy list of compliance regulations.  This final information from CalSouth Soccer confirmed that we will not be able to resume games for our 2020 Spring Recreational Program.

Our Director of Coaching has designed an entirely new set of soccer drills for all age groups that are based on maintaining social distancing. We are complying with all state, county, and city COVID-19 related requirements and directions. Adjustments will be made as the requirements are updated, and we will adjust as we move into the various phases associated with the “Return to Play” initiative. In addition to the state, county, and local government agencies, Rene Miramontes and Victor Melendez, our Director and Assistant Director of Coaching respectively, are also incorporating age-specific training guidelines provided by US Soccer. Your Crusaders Soccer Club is ready and confident your child and family will be in a safe environment that will ensure the continued enjoyment of the soccer experience.

The status of Returning to Play has been a roller coaster for all of us. We continue information from Gov. Newsom, the County Board of Supervisors, and the City of San Diego Park and Recreation Department which will allow us to play games. We sincerely thank you for your patience and understanding as we return to play status. Please see the registration link below.

The Crusaders Fall Soccer Program is one of our main Recreational soccer programs. All of our coaches are volunteers and we are always looking for more volunteers to help with the kids. All games are played in the San Carlos, Allied Gardens, Del Cerro area.

For more Fall recreational soccer information, contact:

Jay Wilson: or at (619) 405-0177