In line with our club’s philosophy of creating the best possible environment for our players, the selection and development of our coaching staff are of the utmost importance. We at Crusaders strive to provide our players with the best possible coaches to help them realize their potential not just as soccer players but as well as members of society.

We feature one of the best representatives of this philosophy, coach Erick Melendez. Read on and get to know what makes Coach Melendez such an important member of our coaching staff.



ADDITIONAL CERTIFICATIONS: I have a BS Business Administration from Point Loma Nazarene University. Also, I earned my Director of Coaching certificate through the NSCAA and my International Congress of Goalkeeping Coaches certification sponsored by Rinat through Anahuac University-Northern Mexico.

COACHING EXPERIENCE: This is my eighth year coaching with Crusaders SC.

PLAYER EXPERIENCE: I started playing at the age of 4. I played my whole competitive career in Southern California. Two years in the State team with ODP (Olympic Development Program), Three years of Varsity with Samuel FB Morse High School, and 4 years with Point Loma Nazarene University.

WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE SOCCER PLAYER AND WHY? Currently, active players would be Messi. He combines magic with playing simple soccer. He is the best player I have had the opportunity to watch play.

COACHING HIGHLIGHTS: Won several tournaments and league championships, and CIF championship hopefully this year.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION ABOUT YOURSELF: I love the game and want to make sure to provide all my players with the ideal environment to develop as soccer players and coaches.